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Welcome to the online gallery!!

You will notice the images are not watermarked (they're annoying, right?!),  but you are​ ​more than welcome to share the images on all social media, I just ask one small favor of​ ​you! Would you please be sure to add photo credit when posting and sharing and not adding any filters or edits to it?​ 

I know it seems silly, but this is such an incredible way to say, “Hey, we hired​ ​Lindsay​ ​and​ ​we love what she did!” I am proud to say that referrals are my main source of bookings,​ ​so when you credit me, it helps my business immensely!

If you are unsure how to credit,​ ​all you have to do is add a caption or tag my business by typing in: ​@LINZERVT​! If​ ​that isn’t pulling up, you could simply include my website: ​www.raymondjack.com or tag​ ​my account in it!.

I​​ choose to not watermark my images because I want the focus to be​ ​you​.​ YOU and all your beautiful smiles! Again, it seems like a small thing but it makes such a​ ​huge difference and means the world to me!

Thank you + Enjoy the photos!!


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